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John Kean Goat Herding in Egypt on a KTM 990A very warm welcome to the official website of John Kean and the Diving Bikers series of Travel, Scuba Diving and Long Distance Motorcycling trips.

Ride, stop, dive, get back on the bike and do it all again at another great destination. That's the theme of the diving bikers trips together with meeting hundreds of interesting people along the way. We hope this website will inspire you to visit these places too and learn more about the wonderful sports of diving and biking.

Trawl through the large collection of trip diaries, dozens of great photographs, Egyptian and Black Sea trip highlight videos, John Kean's books and also information about the many contributors and sponsors of Diving Bikers.

Got a question? Need some advice? Please drop an email anytime.

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Special 7 Day Book Offer for Diving Bikers Followers

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The New #1 Bestseller in Scuba Diving books Worldwide.

The seven day promotion for Lost Wife, Saw Barracuda is off to a great start and the title has now reached #1 in Scuba Diving and Middle East Travel on both Amazon UK and USA. It is also in the top 10 of all sport books. The title will be available as a special Kindle offer via the Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com sites until the 19th March 2014. Click here to download copies at just a pound or a dollar.


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Don't Ask Me, I Only Live Here!

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The world is full of ironies. Last week, Germany canceled planes flying to Sharm el Sheikh because of bomb threats in the region. For 20 years the biggest draw in Sharm el Sheikh has been a WW2 ship that was bombed by … a German plane.
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New Series of Guest Expert Articles

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I was too young to own a motorbike when I was a schoolboy but that didn’t dampen my desire for wanting to ride one or being up to date on the latest models. I settled for bike magazines, posters and stickers until I eventually got around to having the real thing. Near to my house was a large motorcycle store built in the 70’s which is still there today. I would often drop by and press my nose up against the huge window before venturing inside to check out all the bikes and gear.

Today, the store in New Malden, Surrey is magnificent, modern and twice the size of the original. It is one of 24 under the ownership of J&S Accessories established over 30 years ago. Living in Egypt for 16 years I still visit the store whenever I’m in the UK for it has become a real oasis for acquiring important motorcycle accessories.

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Diver Magazine's book review of 'Sharks, Fights & Motorbikes'

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The UK's leading scuba diving magazine, DIVER, has recently published a full review of John Kean's new book, 'Sharks, Fights & Motorbikes - When it Rains in Egypt'.

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Another New Film! The Black Sea Trip

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Check out the VIDEO section of divingbikers.net for the latest new Youtube film featuring photography and video from the Black Sea Trip. Or click below for the link:


Features a compilation of video and photography from the very best of Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. Amazing photographs from a WW2 battle re-enactment in celebration of the Ukraine's armed forces anniversary day and also a peek inside a heavily fortified decommissioned Cold War nuclear submarine base in Balaklava, Crimea.
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  • Diving the sunken forest
  • Balaklava Cold War Museum

Diving Bikers - The Film!

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You've read the magazines, bought the book, followed the website, seen the photographs and now ... you can watch the movie of the Coloured Seas Trip Egyptian Tour. Check out this exciting new video on Youtube.com featuring the very best of Egypt's cities, underwater paradises and vast open roads.
Please share this rare film of Egypt by road and underwater and help promote the Red Sea as the tourism and diving jewel that it rightly is.

The official video of the Egypt Tour. KTM 990's biking and scuba diving the best of Egypt.
KTM 990 - Biking and Diving Egypt
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Between a Rock and a Hard Cover - December 2013

Are you an avid book reader? If so then perhaps you have stumbled across one of the many mountaineering books detailing how heroic adventurers have survived the impossible and made it back to tell their tale. I have read a number of these well-written and totally gripping accounts and enjoyed them immensely; however, I couldn’t help feel the injustice that the profession of scuba diving suffers when in similar dire circumstances a diving legend has a serious accident during a record attempt or major exploration project.

Do you think that's air you're breathing now?

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MONTHLY BLOG - January 2014

‘You need to go and see the Oracle’, Morpheus said to Neo… quite frequently during the Matrix films trilogy. I personally found the Oracle a little irritating given that Neo was often pressed for time such were the demands of infiltrating a totalitarian regime and destroying it from within.
‘Have a seat Neo, and eat some cakes. I baked them this morning.’ Said the friendly, and seemingly unconcerned woman; the type you’d stop for to help across a busy road.

Experts come in all shapes, sizes and sometimes from less than traditional sources. Many people have received education by attending a recognized learning institution, buying accompanying manuals, materials and listening to individuals with more letters after their names than in their names. Sometimes this is a necessity for gaining entry into a profession like brain surgery where, unsurprisingly, the leading practitioners have vast chunks of the alphabet sprinkled across their wall-mounted graduation certificates.

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